CtiJIBZVUAAUIt1.jpg:large (584×1871) (mit Bildern) 13.01.2017 - venus hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Delinquent X Nerd Touko Fukawa: @manlyronpa. Celestia Ludenberg: Aoi Asahina: Sakura Oogami: @acecartoonplatypus. Junko Enoshima: Mukuro Ikusaba: Feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions/want to reserve a spot. No money will be requested till 6 stands are confirmed to be bought! I will make pricing deals for anyone who purchases more than one! Trading is also available! Contact … Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix. Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic . Welcome to Alexa's Site Overview. Enter a site above to get started.. Translations and things. — New Danganronpa V3 Comic. Until next time! -manlyronpa. It’s out! Hope you all enjoy!!! (via manlyronpa) Source: shslscans September 25, 2017 (10:00 pm) despairgrl liked this . soulgutz reblogged this … けろり collab icons between me & hinatasmum ⭐★⭐ (scans by manlyronpa) Oct 02 / 2,393 notes. ndrv3 new danganronpa v3 kiibo ouma kokichi shirogane tsumugi kokichi ouma tsumugi shirogane mine icons collab my edit. khxshin liked this . qualitycowboypastaflower liked this. a were - - - - - - - - - Here’s the first of the comics from Beautiful... Here’s the first of the comics from Beautiful Days! If Tumblr makes it hard to read maybe try opening it in a new tab. Scan & Translation: kamase-megane Cleaning & Typesetting: manlyronpa (thank you!) MAYO — ugh i gotta take finals soon :’) kittykarus reblogged this from manlyronpa kittykarus liked this superscooper-31 liked this Shady Shitters danganronpuhuhuhu reblogged this from manlyronpa. theuniverseissobig liked this . kiirari liked this . itoastedatoaster liked this . dirtydaggy liked this . ethereal-bicth liked this. Manlyronpa Just another very avid Danganronpa series fan! I have been into the series since early 2014 and I look forward to seeing how the series progresses. I also stream fighting games. My favorite characters are Mondo Oowada, Touko Fukawa and Genocider Syo! Ima Trash Fire kontoru-kecir reblogged this from manlyronpa. kontoru-kecir liked this . hxney-lxvender liked this . blkhaku liked this . starless-planet liked this . mindless-kindness liked this. Hmmmm neds-chlorine-tacos. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna A Casual DR/SDR2/NDRV3 Voice Acting Blog The translation was done by an anonymous user, but all typesetting credit goes to @manlyronpa !! God bless them... hlr. back to top A Casual DR/SDR2/NDRV3 Voice Acting Blog ===== (hover over icons for links) Hello! This is my voice acting blog for the Dangan Ronpa, Super Danganronpa 2, and New Danganronpa V3 females, including Chihiro. ===== Asks and requests are open!! Home. message. … Danganronpa Based on the game of the same name, a variety of authors and artists write a large offering of short stories starring the various characters featured in the game. The stories range from being lovingly heartfelt, packed full of comedy and gags or being downright evil or messed up sometimes! Note: These are NOT doujin. These are official comic anthologies licensed by Spike Chunsoft, the. Gaming Behavior by Rari from the Danganronpa 3 Ant... Gaming Behavior by Rari from the Danganronpa 3 Anthology (Dengeki Comics) Editing by: manlyronpa Translation by: taichinchin... tumbex. Login . tumbex . Login . Settings Layout. Type. Define your way to browse content : Grid style, List style. Columns. Define the number of columns, or let them calculate automatically . Grid ratio. Define the grid ratio. Misc. Display info . Display or hide any. Mukuro Ikusaba/Image Gallery Due to the large number of images, this section has been split from Mukuro's main gallery. For screencaps of Mukuro's appearances in Danganronpa: The Animation, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, and Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono, see: Mukuro Ikusaba/Image Gallery/Anime. The Caged Child The Caged Child (かごのこ Kago no Ko) is a song featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony chapter 3, and is sung by Korekiyo Shinguji, Himiko Yumeno, Kokichi Oma, and Shuichi Saihara. It is performed by the characters' voice actors in both the English and Japanese dubs. It is the first song... Baka manlyronpa: IRC: No IRC: Twitter: No Twitter: Facebook: No Facebook: Release Frequency: Inactive Group: Number of Releases: 1: Active A group is designated as inactive if it hasn't release in the past 6 months. No: Total Series: 1: Genres Main genres this group scanlates. Categories Main categories this group scanlates. Based on a Video Game (1), Collection of Stories (1) Releases by this. manlyronpa: Smiles of the Future by Kawashima Rumi. manlyronpa:. Smiles of the Future by Kawashima Rumi from Dangan Ronpa 1&2 Comic Anthology Translated and Cleaned by: kamase-megane Typesetting: manlyronpa As foreshadowed by a previous ask, I am collaborating with manlyronpa on scanlating the Dangan Ronpa 1-2 Comic Anthologies, in random order and probably focusing on the DR1 stories first. Danganronpa Headcanons Confession: I wish (certain) Chihiro fans would stop giving Mondo fans so much flack. While we do discuss possible explanations for it, the vast majority of us don’t actually condone or excuse Mondo’s... dr strange is gay for @manlyronpa! they requested Mondokawa with toko finding mondo giving his umbrella to a dog he found, and toko giving him her umbrella . Read more under the cut. Saturday 107 notes. #danganronpa. #mondokawa. #mondo oowada. #toko fukawa. #comic. #why did this take so LONG . #im sorry for making u wait. #but here it is. #im sorry if its bad. bun30535 liked this . puffy--clouds liked this. please don't take off my mask mood: these (official) panels from the ndrv3 comic anthology. Posted 3 years ago with 3449 note(s) Tags: #oumasai #saiouma #thanks to manlyronpa for these scans! mtskajaj liked this Apr 9, 2016 -発光物体glowing-object-artist-聟 Translations and things. manlyronpa:. Previews for the upcoming English release of the NDRV3 Anthology Volume 03! “Backwards Gift” by Tsubamemaru Watarizora “Let’s Play” by Kazuomi Mochidzuki “An Unexpected Pair” by Ririo Thanks to @ninatranslates for translating all 3 stories! Manlyronpa

Sweet Dreams are made of Bees, Who am I to Disagree? (Scans, once again, provided by manlyronpa) #fuyuhiko kuzuryuu #peko pekoyama #sdr2 #dr2 #danganronpa #dangan ronpa #dr #transparent #transparentronpa #gamma edits. itoastedatoaster liked this . urushiya liked this . byebyeyest3rday liked this . chihiroswife. overview for Manlyronpa Manlyronpa 32 post karma 3 comment karma send a private message redditor for 3 years. what's this? TROPHY CASE. Three-Year Club. Verified Email. remember me reset password. login. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. get reddit premium. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. and join one of thousands of communities. manlyronpa manlyronpa. hide bio. PM. Follow. Favorite: Joined 10-10-16, id: 8351589, Profile Updated: 10-10-16: Author has written 2 stories for Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei. Just someone who really likes Danganronpa, delinquents and nerds. My Stories 2; Sort: Category. Published. Updated. Title. Words. Chapters. Reviews. Status. How I Survived The Tragedy and Still Got Eaten by. Does Anyone Have a List of all the Danganronpa Media. In DR wikia. Here the list: Danganronpa (Game) Super Danganronpa 2 (Game) Danganronpa Zero (Novel) Danganronpa Another Episode (Game) Absolute Despair Hagakure - A novel included in Dangan Ronpa Another Episode that can be unlocked after completing the game. Various Mondo Oowada Panels from the DNA Media Dan... blueafrofox reblog this from manlyronpa. blueafrofox like this. odraregzodiac like this. arilance like this. paintedrocket like this. neko-lexis-trash like this. caesarzeppelisbong reblog this from mc-dead-or-alive. eyazu like this. mc-dead-or-alive reblog this from manlyronpa. mc-dead-or-alive like this. crystalvisions like this. More post you may like . View more post like them. Original. (論破ログ4(と通販宣伝)) kittykarus reblogged this from manlyronpa. jaylea123 liked this . notyourpidoro4ek liked this . kittykarus liked this . shiozakis-quirk liked this . bilewis liked this . viktoryarrr liked … Danganronpa Trash (Ishimaru, about Oowada: He's my best. manlyronpa liked this . via-cat-mail liked this . kondounariko liked this . thefandomtrash95 liked this . chibixloli liked this . about83screaminglizards liked this . technofizzz liked this. a dr blog because god knows i’m not going to danganronpa on main anymore Sweet Dreams are made of Bees, Who am I to Disagree? scans @manlyronpa help on redraw related stuff @aoirob #tenko chabashira #ndrv3 #drv3 #dr #new danganronpa v3 #danganronpa v3 #danganronpa #transparent #transparentronpa #manga #manga edit #gamma edits #kaede aqueuematsu. docto33 liked this . shadylavender liked this. manlyronpa: THERE THEY ARE manlyronpa: THERE THEY ARE. Jul 06, 2016. Share. Reblogged from manlyronpa. Originally posted by manlyronpa. 240 Notes. thebrowniebagels liked this . lunareclipsecipher reblogged this from manlyronpa. lunareclipsecipher liked this.

manlyronpa: Finally! It’s time for “those”... manlyronpa: “Finally! It’s time for “those” prologue sprites! If you translate the notes using these scans please credit me as the source. ” manlyronpa (User) manlyronpa. 395 395. Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - A Day in Future Foundation by Mutou Tamura. 1 year ago. Super High School Level Scanlations. manlyronpa. 416 416. Vol. 1 Ch. 4 - Please Calm Down, Naegi-kun! by Mikage Baku. 1 year ago. Super High School Level Scanlations. manlyronpa. 448 448. Showing 1 to 100 of 190 chapters. 1; 2; MangaDex settings × Site theme: Filter chapter languages: User interface. Saved from Delinquent X Nerd atalantaz: “ ロンパついろぐ by 理子 | Pixiv ID 2165906 ※ Authorized reprint If you liked their art, and wish to encourage the artist to do more, please do take the time to rate and bookmark it at their Pixiv... manlyronpa: Maizono manlyronpa: Maizono-san’s Treasure by Tamura Muto from the Danganronpa: The Animation Anthology (Dengeki Comics) Editing by: manlyronpa Translation by: @hajimikimo While almost finished with the V3 anthology, I felt like cranking this DR1 story out! This one’s a bummer to read, but it focuses on Sayaka Maizono who I’ve recently been feeling is not all that bad as a lot of people make her.