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Cloud9’s Sneaky shows off passion for cosplay 04.05.2018  · One of North America’s best AD carries, C9 Sneaky has a side hobby that’s garnered a ton of attention on social media – and yes, he can walk in those heels. Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube. Sneaky (gamer) Zachary Scuderi, better known as Sneaky, is a professional League of Legends player, streamer and prominent crossplayer. He played AD Carry for Cloud9 of the League of Legends Championship Series North America until 2019. He won the 2013 Summer NA LCS and 2014 Spring NA LCS with Cloud9. Scuderi also gained media attention after posting a cosplay for a popular female League of Legends character, and has since been regularly posting further crossplays on his Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon accounts. C9 Sneaky Net Worth 2020: Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend. C9 Sneaky’ real name is Zachary Scuderi, and he is the son of Beth. He was born in Florida’s Winter-Spring on 19 March 1994. He has a sister named Hannah. After completing his high school, Scuderi went to the Florida Atlantic University to study computer science. He was interested in computers from an early age and later on, he shifted more on gaming and focused less on his academics. C9 Sneaky C9 Sneaky / Lateinamerika Nord / Level 329 / Silber III - 0 LP / Kürzlich gespielt mit grmnpiero Beastkiller005 pgileses Gerad13 NightmareCakeUwU. League of … Cloud9 Academy 10.06.2020  · C9 Academy: Fudge • Inori • Palafox • K1ng • Tomo • Diamond Other Teams In Organization (Click [Show] to the Right) Cloud9: Licorice • Blaber • Nisqy • Zven • Vulcan. Cloud9 Challenger • Cloud9 Eclipse • Cloud9 Tempest: Overview. Tournament Results. Statistics. Match History. Schedule History. Cloud9 Academy; Team Information; Org Location United States: Region: NA North. C9 Sneaky receives a 2.2k donation and then an $800 one. r/Cloud9: Official subreddit of the North American Esports organization - Cloud9. Meteos confirms C9 Faker on Sneaky's stream : leagueoflegends Another point in this game, sneaky told meteos that his leg feel asleep and meteos asked him if he has ever done a "reverse stranger" where you sit on your dick until it falls asleep and then jack yourself off, but it actually feels like you're jacking someone else off. Chat died. AHQ (An Jinx) VS C9 (Sneaky Tristana) Highlights {REKT.